September 18th, 2006
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Drinking Dog

I posted about Oxana Malaya back in July. She is the feral Ukrainian child who was raised by dogs. Here is a recent news piece on her. I continue to be interested in feral children because I think adoptive parents can learn from them.

A recent documentary produced for Australia’s Channel 4 (and described in a July story in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph) caught up with a Ukrainian woman, now 23, who had been “forgot(ten)” by her mother and father and raised by dogs until discovered at age 8. Oxana Malaya (one of about 100 known feral children) has the tested mental age of 6, stilted speech and an uncoordinated gait, and still buries any gifts she receives and runs into the woods when she is upset. For the camera, Malaya showed she can still bark, run on all fours, pant with her tongue out, and dry herself off by shaking.


From: News of the Weird


Ukraine and human trafficking is back in the news several different ways. The first one is actually focused on Hungary. Hungary emerges as base for foreign organised crime groups.

Here is the section about Ukraine…

Several factors make Hungary attractive to organised crime groups:

  • the country’s geopolitical position. It shares borders with seven other countries and it was on (and it is now within) the borders of the EU, one of the largest markets for organised crime groups. As a transshipment country, Hungary’s most vulnerable borders are the non-EU eastern and southern ones, such as those with Ukraine (cigarette and human trafficking), Romania (human trafficking and prostitution) and Serbia (drug and arms trafficking

From: Hungary emerges as base for foreign organised crime groups.

Women face severe discrimination in Ukraine’s workforce according to Human Rights Watch: Ukraine 2005. But I have hope that something may change. Recently a six-day international women’s rights conference was held in Ukraine. Gender discrimination in the workplace and abuse was discussed.

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