January 30th, 2007
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Sasha is an 13 year old boy who was adopted from Ukraine by Americans. The child was diagnosed with RAD. And the family tried an alternative placement before they put him into a Ukraine Psychiatric Hospital. US child welfare workers arranged for Sasha to return to the United States in December 2006. There were some additional stories.

So the update… Washington County prosecutors have stated the family didn’t commit a felony. They won’t be charging the family for…

AKA… The family didn’t just abandon the boy.

dancing banana

dancing banana

I found a interesting charity that is based in Bermuda. Hope for the Orphans Foundation was founded by Olena and Evan Schemenauer after a 2005 visit to Ukraine.


I am making a leap and assuming that Olena is Ukrainian… mainly because Olena is a common name in Ukraine.

The couple visited a specialized orphanage named Murovanokurhylovtsi in the Vinnitsa oblast. I have never heard of… or seen this orphanage’s name before. You can find some Vinnitsa orphanages listed here.

Founders of Ukranian orphans charity tell Rotarians what drives them

dancing banana

dancing banana

The next news article, Parents’ love knows no borders

I know a little bit about the back story. This article was written as a reaction to the wide spread news story…. 2006 international adoption numbers (for Americans) were below the 2005 numbers

About 20% of the adoptionblogs.com bloggers wrote about that news story. And because it was all over the place it seemed like Chicken Little. Just because 2006 international adoption numbers are down, doens’t mean the sky is falling. Familes are and will still adopt their child internationally.

A list of the adoptionblogs.com blogs on the low 2006 adoption count…

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Changes in International Adoption: a good idea?

Parents’ love knows no borders is about families who successfully internationally adopted. And it includes the Woods fmaily who adopted 2 children from Ukraine this year.

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  1. Holly says:

    I commented too, but in the hopes that adoptions from Africa will rise, as also predicted by the above-mentioned article. I think we are likely to see that it’s simply a leveling off . . .

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