June 19th, 2007
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I was asked for older adoption blogs and blogs written by single parents. Here is a brief list of my favorites.

Adoption of Denis Tho – August 1997 (10 year old Ukrainian/Korean child)

Cathy Harris’ First Adoption – Feb 1998 (single mom)

Cathy Harris’ Second Adoption – August 1998 (single mom)

Teresa and Rich – Feb 1999

Katie’s Ukrainian Adoption Story – June 1999

Cathy Harris trip to met child’s birth mother – Sept 1999

Tricia Nicolau – Sept 1999 (single mom, adopted 7 year old)

Alena’s Journey – Feb 2000 (single mom)

Moseley Family – Feb 2000 (twins)

Collins Family – March 2000

Cooper Family – June 2000

Williams Family – June 2000

Liuzza Family – July 2000


Our Independent Ukrainian Adoptions – July 2000 (met child’s birthmother)

Anna and Matthew – July 2000

Adopting Natasha – December 2000 (single mom, my journal)

Deaf Adoption: A Rhetorician’s New Family – Jan 2001 (deaf child, adopted 2 children)

Adopting Anna – April 2001 (split hand deformity)

The Search for Robbie – June 2001

Robin’s journey of a Lifetime – May 2001 (single mom)

Jamie – August 2001 (single mom adopted 2 children)

Janet and Brad – Sept 2002 (multiple translators)

Hans Opperman – October 2001

Hollingsworth Family – October 2002 (2 children)

Moseley – Nov 2001 (older child)

The Finley Family – Jan 2002

Waiting for Lauren – Jan 2002

Weston Family – March 2003 (adopted 10 and 6 year old)

Randolph Family – April 2003 (adoption agency was costly mistake)

Dunham Family – September 2003 (twins)

American Expat – April 2004 (great blogroll)

The Corbetts – May 2004 (twins)

Yunona Adoption – They lied!!! – July 2004 (Yunona was shut down in early 2006, returned home without a child)

Clark’s Ukrainian Adoption – July 2004

A story I had to share, Lowry’s Ukrainian Adventure – November 2004 (5 years old, hip dysplasia and clubfoot)

Hite Family, Hite Blog – December 2004 (Aleeza 8 years old)

DeSimone Family – Winter 2004 (hosted then adopted 3 older girls)

Weston Family – Jan 2005 (17 and 15 year old)

Ron and Kerri Hevener’s Adoption Journal – Jan 2005

Fleming Adoption Journal – Feb 2005 (10 year old and 5 year old)

Rob and Melissa – Feb 2005 (8.5, 7.5, 6, 3.5 year old children)

Yunona runs a bait-’n-switch operation – 2005 (Yunona was shut down in early 2006, returned home without a child)

Laura, adoptlove – April 2005 (good blogroll)

Kyle Lennard Adopts a Son from the Ukraine, Kyle & Susie Blog – April 2005 (older boy)

Corbett Family – May 2005 (twins)

Hite Family, , Hite Blog – June 2005 (Aleeza’s older sister Olga who is deaf)

Steven Harper Piziks Ukraine Adoption Journal – June 2005 (Adopted 12 and 3 year old siblings)

Havens Family – June 2005 (Returned home without a child)

The Fujan’s Adoption Journey To The Ukraine – August 2005

Jodi Speaks Her Mind – August 2005 (child was deaf)

Carlson’s adoption blog – October 2005

6 Responses to “Ukraine Adoption Blogs, 1997-2005”

  1. aspecialfamily says:

    You are so helpful! Thank you, I can’t wait to read them!!!

  2. miriam says:

    This is EXcellent, and represents a lot of invested time on your part. THANK YOU!

    I had read Katie’s story and some of Cathy Harris’s- both of which were well-written and gave a nice description of the process.

    I’m going to be up late reading again, I can tell!

  3. miriam says:

    Have you had any updates from AC, the Canadian mom you profiled who had 2 unsuccessful appointments and was awaiting a third?

    It seems she went in that lag time after the NAC shut & reopened, when there were more unmatched families or they were shown kids much older.

    I thought of one more question: How do you deal with the parade of kids coming across that desk on your appointment day, or (according to Cathy Harris’ stories) the kids sent into the office to sing or recite poems at the homes? The very idea of this is distasteful to me, although I guess it’s just a technicality since we are ultimately choosing among kids either way. I appreciate Ukraine’s efforts to de-commodify the children by prohibiting preselection, but wonder about the Jeopardy-style selection process and my ability to deal with that. Is that a common issue or am I missing something?

    Thanks again!

  4. My blog also discusses post-Ukraine adoption of two older children by a single mom. http://hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/

  5. igueros says:

    Find out about translator’s/facilitator’s vision of adoptions in Ukraine.

    Start reading from the end. I’ve only started this blog, so comments and questions are more than welcome.

  6. igueros says:


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