May 21st, 2006
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I found a good article on adopting via hosting. It is Russian focused, but it can also apply to hosting an Ukrainian child.

It appears that hosting costs (even when you adopt) cannot deducted for charity reasons or for the adoption tax credit.

Another tidbit… There is an email list that focuses on all aspects of hosting. It has been around since 2004.

Here are some hosting programs for Ukrainian orphans.

Adopt a Child

I cannot find anything on the web site about hosting. But I am almost certain they have a hosting program. They aren’t an adoption agency but rather help facilitate independent adoptions.

Adopt a Miracle

Adopt a Miracle is a private, nonprofit adoption agency specializing in international adoptions and charity programs.



There are two goals for the Hosting Program. The first is to provide an adventure in America for the children who live in foreign orphanages. The second goal is to give prospective adoptive parents the opportunity to share their lives and home with a child who, hopefully, they will then decide to adopt.

From: Host Child

The Children’s Voice Foundation

It looks like they did a hosting program in 2004 and 2005, but the web site hasn’t been updated on 2006. You could email them if you are interested. Here is a news article from 2004 about this organization.

The Children’s Voice Foundation is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to providing unconditional love and support to orphans around the world.

Frontier Horizon

Frontier Horizon is a charity; not an adoption agency. They have a summer and Christmas hosting program.

Hope for Orphans of the World

Here is a family who has hosted via this program.

Hope for Orphans of the World is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with volunteers committed to help provide financial, emotional, educational and medical assistance to orphans around the world.

From: About Us Page

Hope for Orphans of the World has hosted older orphan children from Ukraine in Birmingham, Alabama since 2003.

From: Summer Calendar

Loving Stork Adoption Agency

Summer Hosting Program 2006
The idea of this program is for each child to find a family that is willing to take them in to their home. This will also allow parents and children to find out more about each other. At the end of the program, they can figure out whether this child will fit with the family, and vise versa. For this program, parents who wish to host need to have their documents ready. Parents need to have a completed mini Home Study (this will include a complete criminal record check, state child abuse clearance), and their BCIS form I-600A needs to be sent into the Immigrations Office. We will help the parents complete their dossier in a minimal amount of time. Perspective parents need to sign a Hosting Agreement.

From: Hosting

Reaching Arms International

FRUA thread on this program has families posting their postive and negative experiences with RAI.

Reaching Arms International is a licensed, private non-profit adoption and charity organization located in Minnesota.

Save a Child Foundation

This seems to be a very new program. Here is are 2005 news articles about it.
Utah Families Host Ukrainian Orphans to “Save a Child” or Utahns host Ukrainian kids

Save a Child Foundation [non profit organization] has been established to offer humanitarian aid to children in foreign countries. One focus of our program involves finding families for older children. …….. Our goal is to be advocates to children ages 6 – 15, and to provide opportunities for families in America to interact with these children with the possibility of future adoption.

U.S.-Russia Global Exchange

Their hosting requirements can be found here.

U.S.-Russia Global Exchange is a non-profit public benefit corporation.

Hosting through the UOP is not an adoption project, although we would be more than happy if any of the orphan-participants find forever families in the US.


The growing number of hosting programs organized by adoption agencies, sometimes claim almost 100% adoption success rate. The statistical percentage of those, who did not make it, are the REAL children who had to experience a rejection, possibly for the second time in their lives. We care about EACH ORPHAN, and therefore we find it immoral to give these children any promises and coach them before this hosting experience.

the number one priority for US-Russia Global Exchange remains that the program is an enriching cultural experience for both orphans and US families.

World Links Adoption Agency

World Links International Adoption Agency offers hosting programs that bring children ages six and older from Eastern European and Asian orphanages to the United States for an enriching and unforgettable two to four week experience.


Hosting a Ukrainian Child
List of Hosting Programs

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