February 11th, 2007
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I am in shock…. Diane Sadovnikov is dying from cervical cancer. I wrote about Diane in my How to Select a Ukrainian Adoption Facilitator – Options blog. She founded Sense Resource Center, a business based in Virginia in 1999. Later in 2003 she changed it from business to adoption agency.

I just know her via a couple of emails and her web site. I also purchased a Ukrainian dossier guide from her in 1999.

And the cancer was preventable. Her pap tests in 2003, 2004 and 2005 showed the cancer. But the laboratory didn’t process the 2003 and 2004 tests correctly and missed the cancer. But the lab did it right in 2005 and found the cancer.



The 5 year survival rate is more than 90 percent when cervical cancer is found early. From what I can tell Diane’s not expecting to live beyond the next year or so.

She has filed a law suit.

The suit seeks $50 million in damages from Picardi, LabCorp, and First Colonial Family Practice.

Because of her cancer and the complications, Sadovnikov has lost 20 pounds and can no longer care for her children or work.

From: Woman Sues over Missed Cancer Diagnosis

And she has found an adoptive home for her 2 children.

Now, at age 48, Sadovnikov is battling cancer and arranging one final adoption: her own two daughters–Christina, 9, and Rebekah, 6–to a Virginia Beach couple.

From: An adoption angel now faces one final adoption: her 2 daughters

Sadovnikov’s elderly parents have helped care for the girls, as have her two brothers. Her former husband, a Ukrainian national now living in California, is only an occasional visitor. If she dies, Sadovnikov believes, none of them would be appropriate guardians for her daughters.


“The idea of them losing me and then all of their friends and routines and everything… was too much, and the more I thought about it, the more it tortured me,” she [Sadovnikov] said. “I went a couple months just haunted by it every night.”

From: Dying Beach woman arranges final adoption: her own children

So Diane who lives in Virginia Beach found a Virginia Beach family to adopt her 2 daughters.

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  1. edmondlee18 says:

    Diane can spend time to a read information of the group. They are not selling anything, just some caring people to share information.

    It is a non-profitable group, 90% of the cancer patients live normal for years, some over 20 years.


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