June 27th, 2007
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I love Jan. She always asks the best questions. All of the questions are from Heeding Warnings – Important in International Adoptions?

Jan wants to know if adoptive parents read the notices and warnings from the US State Department.

Yes we do. We read them very closely.

The State Department has 15 notices posted on Ukrainian adoption. This is the highest number of notices on the page.

Families do read the warnings. However many more get their information directly from the US Embassy in Kyiv. Anyone can email kyivadoptions@state.gov and asked to added to their email list for adoption updates.

These notices are about families who completed their adoptions and didn’t turn in their post adoption reports (as they promised). The centralized government adoption department (SDAPRC) was shifted from the Education Ministry to the Family, Youth and Sport Ministry. So adoption was shut down for about 7 months in 2006. And quotas were established on how many dossiers would be accepted per year.


Many things have changed for Ukrainian adoption over the last 2 years. However I think there are 15 notices because Ukrainian adoptive parents demand information. Can they confirm the latest rumor that over 340 dossiers are waiting to be submitted? These would be dossiers for all citizens; American, French, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Israeli, Swiss. We want to know! (heard later via the grapevine these are just American dossiers waiting to be submitted)

Jan wants to know why families risk an unethical adoption. Why do they disregard any news about a country’s problematic practices?

Because sometimes the warnings are wrong. The US Embassy can be wrong about their facts like everyone else.

There are 2 typical sources that generate these warnings. The Ukrainian government will directly talk with the US Embassy. Or adoptive parents will share their bad experiences on their way out of the country.

The US State Department and the US Embassy in Kyiv cannot violate a family’s privacy and share the details. So they may state:

The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv has received reports of questionable practices during the adoption process by adopting parents.

From: American Citizen Services > Adoptions

This is so generic it is almost useless. But there is additional information on this sentence. It was written in 2002.

it can be difficult to hold facilitators accountable for fraud, malfeasance, or other bad practices in general.

From: Important Notice Regarding Adoption Agents and Facilitators

Reading between the lines some families complained about being ripped off in 2002. And they complained about various countries‘ adoption programs.

Wow, way to help out US State Department. Could you make it any more general?

Warnings and Ethical Adoption

6 Responses to “Answering Ethical Questions”

  1. Good job explaining one more time about how concerned international adoptive parents are about ethics, how hard we work to keep ourselves and others informed, and how our demands for ethical practices often outstrip even US government agencies.

    Although we all write about this so often and offer so much information on the issues, it doesn’t hurt to be prompted from time to time to sum things up yet again.

  2. Jan Baker says:

    Thanks Angela! The feeling is mutual. I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my inquires. That you did so as well without being hyper defensive, wild-eyed and radical is much appreciated as well!

  3. soblessed says:

    Thanks, Angela, for the post. Your points are super.

  4. igueros says:

    Find out about translator’s/facilitator’s vision of adoptions in Ukraine.

    Start reading from the end. I’ve only started this blog, so comments and questions are more than welcome.

  5. momoffive says:

    this is a little bit off topic, but can anyone tell me what the reports don’t say? My family wants to adopt. We just don’t know from where. We want to know the things that are not put in the reports, like the emotional scars? If any. Are the kids well taken care of or are they treated badly? We are trying to choose a country and then an agency and then get the homestudy. We are going between China and Eastern European countries and Russia. Can anyone fill me in on the things I should be aware of. Places or agencies to stay away from, anything would be appriciated. Thank You.

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