July 2nd, 2007
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Don't Panic

If you are preparing a dossier or waiting to submit a dossier, please read the entire post. This blog is just information reframed. Nothing has changed on dossier submissions.

As the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy states:


Well this just blows rotten eggs. My hope for 2007 was that everyone who wanted to adopt, could adopt. I don’t think this is going to happen.

Ukraine controls the number of adoptions via a quota system. They will allow around 2,000 dossiers to be submitted for international adoption.

And we are half way through 2007. It looks like Americans will max out their dossier quota. If things keeping going the same, we might hit the max in October.


Or we might hit another shutdown in the third quarter for dossier submissions. The SDAPRC is trying to manage the dossier quota system on a quarterly basis. After 139 American dossiers have been submitted in a 3 month period they refuse new submissions.

This sort of happened to us in June. Unless it didn’t happen.

The SDA refused new dossiers at the end of June. However I heard they accepted a few “special” cases. And I heard they accepted 20 dossiers. And I heard a few insults about this too.

Whoever said dossiers were accepted/refused was brain dead or maybe in the wrong building.

Puzzled Face

Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one consistent answer from the rumor mill? I think so.

Americans are allowed to submit 558 dossiers in 2007. There are around 340 American dossiers that are waiting to be submitted. And around 290 to 300 dossiers have been submitted.

290 + 340 = 630 > 558 by 72

If you are preparing your dossier, you should chat with your facilitator about timing. But I wouldn’t stop collecting documents. Since the facilitators self-organized themselves (early 2007) there has consistently been around 300 American dossiers in line for submission.

The facilitators keep a virtual line. Everyone is in line to submit a dossier. On Monday the folks at the top of this list go to the SDA. They submit one dossier and go to the back of the virtual line.

It is possible your facilitator is in line and doesn’t have a dossier. He is just waiting for yours. And it is possible your facilitator is at the back of the line.

This explains why everyone’s experiences have been different. One family had their dossier submitted within 16 days of arriving in Ukraine. Another family had to wait 96 business days.

Want to share your thoughts or have a question email me at adoptukraineblog@adoptionmail.com or post a comment.

REMINDER: I am just sharing my thoughts based on current information. Nothing has changed other than the passage of time. I will not share my news sources for this blog because they might shoot me. (Just kidding… I don’t think they own a gun.)

9 Responses to “Americans Hit Dossier Quota”

  1. aspecialfamily says:

    I hope you are OK? I have been worried about you, you usually blog much more frequently!
    I hope you and your daughter are both enjoying the summer.
    Looking forward to your posts!

  2. info says:

    Something has changed!

    The Dossier for Raisa (blogg “Bringing Raisa Home”) is in SDA already.

    Thanks to new Director of SDA Vasiliy Shik!

    By the way: he is professional lowyer, and he is respect the Low indeed. Before SDA he was the chief of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


  3. AngelaW says:

    aspecialfamily, I am OK. The summer has gone well. Natasha went to a sleep over summer camp. She had a blast and came back more confident.

    I resigned from adoptionblogs to take care of my family. I don’t have the energy to write at this point.

    info, I am glad to heard about Raisa. That is great news.

  4. aspecialfamily says:

    Angela I am really really sorry to hear that you resigned. I will really miss your posts. You gave me hope that singles will be allowed again! I am sure that your resignation will be a real loss to adoption blogs!
    Please do keep in touch,
    aspecialfamily AT yahoo DOT com

  5. “I am sure that your resignation will be a real loss to adoption blogs!”

    It has been, but the one thing we can all agree on here is that family must come first.

  6. 18773 says:

    Has anyone heard any update on the SDA shutting down dossiers? Sounds like it might be cut off until February…

  7. igueros says:

    Find out about translator’s/facilitator’s vision of adoptions in Ukraine.

    Start reading from the end. Comments and questions are welcome.

  8. igueros says:


  9. tania says:

    Hello, We just came back from Ukraine and the adoption was a failure. The entire system has changes and our agency here is not willing to compromise on anything. We came home after couple years of work and with broken hearts. So this is how the system works now: After your dossier is approved you get an appointment with the ukrainian officials. The time of appointment comes and you are invited into a small room with your facilitator. Official asks you simple questions about what child you are hoping to adopt. They proceed to show you available children. In our case all five children shown to us had severe mental and physological issues, that would not be fixed by simple surgery. We picked one girl and we went to see her. We received a referral to go see only her and nobody else. The statements that you can adopt any child you want from Ukraine is now only a myth. You are forbidden from looking at any other children. We came back to Kiev because girl we were referred to would not even bond with us. On our second visit the official showed us only child and basically said that this is all she has for us. The child was also sick and had history of mental disease. We scheduled a third and final appointment. On our way out the official indicated that she does think she will have any other children available for us. We got the message and that evening we asked for our dossier back. We put two years into the adoption process and spent over 20K to come home empty handed. My husband summarized the process as “crap-shoot” where children are given to the adoptive families as they come out. The officials in Ukraine did not make any effort to match us with child at all. Considering that Ukraine did not join Hague they can do to adoptive parents whatever they can and there is nothing anyone can do. If anyone is considering international adoption, I would strongly suggest going through the country that is part of the Hague, or help our own children domestically.

    To answer one of the above questions – yes, they will accept only certain numbers of dossier, and once that number is reaches they will shot down. So far they are all full for this year and they will not accept anything until February of 2009.

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